Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review of Sephora by OPI Gelshine Kit

Love. Love. Love.

SO easy to use. SO easy.

I've mentioned it before here and here

The Sephora by OPI gelshine kit includes a really great guide book that includes tips and instructions.

I read and followed that and voila! Perfect gel nails.

Once you follow all of the steps for prepping you're ready to go!

Base coat on 4 nails, then cure. 

Base coat on thumb, then cure.

Gel polish on 4 nails (same hand), then cure. 

Gel polish on thumb (same hand), then cure.

Repeat the last steps with a second coat of gel polish. 

Repeat on your other hand and there you have it! 

My tips:

Make to sure to complete all of step 4 in the guide book.

"Thoroughly saturate Nail Pad with Nail Cleanser and wipe over and under nail edge."

The Nail Pad and Nail Cleanser and included with the kit.

I didn't read that part before I started on my second hand. My first hand was still tacky before I rubbed the Nail Cleanser over my nail. It shined my nails and gave them a glossy finish.

I screwed it up and my nails still turned out great!

It's been a week since then and no chipping or dulling.

I think I will def be buying more gel colors in the near future.

Pretty obsessed with these results.


  1. Your nails are gorgeous! & ring as well :)

  2. Thanks Brandi!! My husband keeps telling me that one day I won't be excited to put on my ring. I'm still waiting because I get excited EVERY TIME I put it on :) Thanks for commenting and stopping by!!