Friday, January 18, 2013

5 Things I Love

When we came back from the Compass Bowl we had a sign in our yard saying we had won "Yard of the Month" for our neighborhood. 
Pretty funny considering what our yard was just a few months ago.
It's a sweet little reminder that all of the effort we have put into this house is starting to pay off. 
I will always remember having "Yard of the Month" when it first snowed after we were married. 

Gus and Rosie loved it.

Loving Elise from Pennyweight's style, especially her eye wear.
I need new glasses and this is the look I want. 

Loving Marshall Henderon!! And the newest Rebel Laquon Treadwell! Hotty Toddy!

Love how our "ferocious", little Rosie dominates Gus.
He is 4 years older and about 13 lbs. heavier.
See how she rolls the ball to him just to mess with him.
All he does it look at me like "Get the ball from her and give it to me!"

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