Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Thank you Lord for giving me a little girl. She truly is my dream come true. My mom and I are going crazy about baby girl shopping. Loving Sweet Dreams, Etsy, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Zulily, and every baby boutique we can get to. 

I may or may not do daily photo shoots. I just can't resist. 

Here's a little bit of #whatposeywore :) 

Dressing up a baby's just the best. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pure Bliss

Well, I certainly have something to blog about now. 

Two months ago, I brought the most amazing baby girl into this world. My husband and I could not be more enamored and in love with our precious Posey. I'm going to try and start blogging about her, us, and just our day to day life as a way to keep up with all of the special details and memories. 
Kind of like an online "baby book". We will see how it goes!

My pregnancy wasn't fun at first but after the second trimester it was pretty great.
I was so scared but felt incredibly blessed.
Finding out that we were having a girl was one of the best moments of my life.
I keep trying to explain how you feel during these amazing moments like finding out the gender, seeing our baby for the first time, and bringing her home surrounded by family. 

The words that keep coming to my mind are "pure bliss". 

Even that doesn't begin to explain how amazingly wonderful this time is.

The last two months have been the best months of my life. No contest. 

Pure Bliss. 

Day before our baby girl was born. 

Posey Amelia Albriton 
Born on May 19. 
6 lbs. 8 oz. 
20 inches long

Just a couples pics from her first 24 hours. 

More to come on my pregnancy, Posey's birth story, and our first two months. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Are you Ready?

College Football is less than a week away.

I am ALMOST ready.

I'm super excited about the football party we're hosting, going to Oxford for games (cute clothes!!), and watching the Rebels have the most amazing season ever.

But other than that I am NOT ready for football season. 

Here is why:

I'm WAY too competitive and get way to involved in Ole Miss football. 
It can be a stressful time. Ask my mother-in-law. You can find her pacing inside Vaught-Hemingway Stadium during most games. 


My sweet husband, Cameron watches every random college team on TV as long as they're playing football.

Goodbye Cameron. See you after football season. I'll be watching Bravo and the ID channel if you need me.  I love you and I know you love me.

Although, I am not sure where his beloved Rebels fit into our love scale. 


I have a hodgepodge of Rebel stuff that I am trying to make work for a little football party we are hosting. 

I still need to pick up a few more things before the party.

But I did pick up these cute little Mississippi cups from Fresh Ink in Jackson. Can't wait to use them!

Hotty Toddy Rebel fans!

Hoping for an awesome season. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading and good luck to your team of choice! 

Unless they're playing Ole Miss. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

To blog or not to blog?

I have taken time off from Susannah Styles for several reasons.

I felt like I was putting pressure on myself to figure out a way to make my blog more successful.
Obsessing over other blogs and what makes them popular.
Susannah Styles was starting to feel stale to me.

SO I took a break and now I'm deciding if I want to start blogging again in my own way or just stop.

Until I decide, I will leave you with some pics of my summer.

It was awesome.

Except for my wisdom teeth removal. 
That wasn't awesome.
But the pics are hilarious. 

Channeled Jackie-O post-op...

In June, we took a trip to New Orleans and a blurry selfie...

Headed to Austin for a very Texan 4th of July...

Got decked out in our best patriotic, hippie apparel to see the String Cheese Incident at the Backyard...

Three nights in a row...

Not to mention that we rode this crazy school bus to and from the Backyard each night...

We did a little beer tasting in Jackson during July...

And then headed to Amelia Island in August for our last trip of the summer...

We ate, drank, and beached for an amazing, make-up free week...

Gus' love for the beach and ocean grew more and more each day of the trip. Who would have thought that this finicky, mama's boy would love hour long beach walks and SWIMMING in the ocean.

Like seriously swimming. He begs for me to take him out a good ways into the water and then put him down. He swims a little bit and then catches a wave back to the beach.

Yeah I wouldn't believe it either...but he does it every time we take him out there. 

Our little Rosebud ventured out into the water more than ever on this trip. 
Beach dog success!

After that we headed down to Jacksonville for dinner and a Jags game with my awesome parents...

And what trip to North Florida and South Georgia is complete without a stop at Honey Boo Boo's house?

 I was so freaking excited!!!!

So, there you have summer.

We came, we saw, we conquered.

Now, I just need to decide what I'm doing with this here blog thang.
 (That's how Honey Boo Boo would say it)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 3, 2013

5 Things I Love

Woohoo! I won the $100 Sheridan French gift card giveaway from Morgan of A TREASURE HUNT.

Obsessed with my new Kendra earrings. Looove. 

Seeing Greensky Bluegrass in Jackson with Cameron.

Dying to wear this Shoshanna dress again. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lemon Water

image via mindbodygreen

When I find a new blog that I love, I usually start at the very beginning of their posts and go through them until I reach the most recent one.

That's what I recently did with Chelsea Notes. Love-love-love her blog. 

I stumbled onto this post she did on lemon water.

I have seen Catalina Su drink lemon water and recommend it to her readers but I never knew why she was drinking it.

Chelsea wrote that she noticed a little weight loss, clearer skin tone, helped her digestion, and increased her overall feeling of health.

Sounds like a winner to me!

I've been trying it this week and have loved it so far. It's a super easy and healthy way to start your day.

I usually don't eat breakfast. I'll make a midday smoothie and hope I can last until dinner without getting sick (you need to always have food in your stomach post gallbladder removal - just a tip!) 
or inhaling some awful, unhealthy snack that makes me hate myself.

So now I'm trying to drink my lemon water and eat breakfast, small snacks, healthy lunch, and dinner. 

Chelsea recommends adding a lemon wedge to a microwave safe mug, filling it with water, microwaving it for a minute and half-ish, and enjoy!

Here's is another great post from La Jolla Mom on the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning.

It's a list so it's easy to read. I seriously recommend it.

There are tons of articles on the benefits of lemon water so just google it if you want to know more.

I'm really enjoying my daily lemon water and think it will become a normal part of morning routine/ 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easily Cauliflower Mash/Puree

Mashed Cauliflower. 

You don't really mash it but the word "puree" can scare people. 

I am here to tell you that if you prepare it correctly, it will taste almost exactly like mashed potatoes.

I know you don't believe me. That's fine.

I didn't believe it until I made it myself. 

My husband Cameron ate it if that tells you anything

Give it a try!

Here's what you need:

Cauliflower florets, washed 
Salt & Pepper

1. Add the florets to a pot of boiling water. 
I pressed a couple of garlic cloves and added them to the pot as well. 

2. Boil until they are soft enough to be broken apart with a spoon. Drain in a colander. 

3. Once they have drained and cooled down, dump them into a dish towel and squeeze out the moisture. 
It may be hot. Def stand over the sink and be careful not to burn yourself with the hot water.
Some recipes say this step is necessary to make sure the cauliflower get light and fluffy like a cooked potato would.
Other recipes don't even include this step but it worked well for me so... 

4. Next, I tossed the dried cauliflower bits into my food processor. I added a splash of milk, good bit of butter, salt, pepper. I just kept pulsing it until it had the consistency I wanted. 

5. Finally, I poured the mash/puree into a baking dish and heated in the oven on 350. 

Super easy. 
Much healthier than mashed potatoes.
Cameron ate it.
What more can I say?

It's cheap, easy, and tastes good.