Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sally's Selections

My sister Sally is quickly becoming a music guru and my go-to person to find out what I need to be listening to.

Early last year she turned me onto the Lumineers and the Alabama Shakes.
Since then, both bands have become HUGE and were both nominated for grammys.

So Sally knows her stuff.

Sally at Bonnaroo

Me & Sally at Bonnaroo 2011

Our tumbling instructor, Tony watched Sally tumble for the first time and then looked at all of us and said "Sally's got skills."

She was 5 years younger than my friends and me and she schooled all of us.

He was so right.

Sally has serious skills.

My sister is beyond talented. I've said this before but I have a strong feeling that I will be attending a music festival named something like "Sallyfest", "Sallyroo", or "Sallypalooza."
(VIP tickets hollaaaa!)

I always say that maybe she will feel sorry for me and let me design a t-shirt.
But then I remember that Sally is also a bad@$$ artist.

I asked Sally to create a playlist of the music she is loving right now.

When I first looked at the playlist I was like "Seriously Sally? Did you just google a list of bands with the weirdest names?"

But I've learned to trust Sally's taste. You should too.

So sit back and listen to the selections of Sally.


Make sure you scroll all the way down. 
There are 18 tracks.

Don't be afraid to try new bands.
That's how we learn and grow.
Never stop learning and never stop trying new things...

My faves:
Beggars Guild - Roadkil Ghost Choir
Pain from Love - Rubblebucket
Birmingham - Shovels & Rope
Common Sentiments - Typhoon

I'm really digging "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Of course it's the one marked explicit. #publicschoolgrad



  1. Just scrolling through I am excited to take a listen! I love Dr. Dog and Shovels & Rope so I am confident I will be excited to learn some of the new guys as well.

  2. Thanks for commenting Caroline!! Sounds like you have good taste in music. Let me know what you think when you listen to the rest!

  3. OMG! I forgot about Tony saying that! Sally does have the best skills! LOVE this post!

    1. Thanks Kelley!! It's one of my favorite posts for sure! Miss you!