Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Things I Love

My FAVE store, Taylor Collection is having a mega sale!

I'll be working on Saturday so come shop and see me!

"Like" Taylor Collection on Facebook
or follow them on Instragram.
They will take your order over the phone too!

A package filled with cookbooks from my Granny Gin Gin. 

Thanks Granny!!
This is the 2nd box of cookbooks that she has sent me.
I absolutely love adding them to my cookbook shelves in our kitchen.

It's breathtaking. Really.
Anyone who would like to buy this for me in size 44x32, go right ahead!
I'll send you a thank you note :)

Jennifer Lawrence is quickly becoming my fave celebrity.
It's like we are the same person.
Except I'm not Katniss.

This is 40 is the funniest movie I've seen in a long time.
It's got tons of cussing and it's really vulgar. Not for the faint of heart.
I'm also pretty sure that the daughters (best part of the movie) are based on myself and my sister Sally.
I'll be waiting for my check Judd Apatow!

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