Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweater Weather

Sweater Urban Outfitters/ Tank Old Navy/ Jeans Old Navy/ Boots Tory Burch/ Rings Tacori/ Necklace Roberto Coin

CLEARLY, I am new to the whole outfit photo shoot thing so bare with me.

Please forgive the bad lighting, rushed, messy makeup and the orange hair tie on my wrist.

We were leaving for the movies and I asked Cam to snap a few photos.

Neither of us know what we are doing. 

I just really wanted to show off my new sweater. It's awesome.

I got it at Urban Outfitters while were in Birmingham for the Compass Bowl. (photos on tomorrow's post)

It's so warm and snuggly. I haven't taken it off since we got home. 


  1. Replies
    1. You are the nicest girl Sarah Sholtis! Move to Jackson and be my friend!

  2. I have that sweater. I literally didn't take it off for months when I got it...it's maybe the best thing ever? You look presh! I wish I looked like that when I was hurried. :)

    1. Glad we are on the same page about the sweater! I'm embarrassed by how much I've been wearing it. You are SO kind to say that! That comment made my day :) Thanks for stopping by!!