Tuesday, August 19, 2014

En Route to Amelia Island

And we're off! 

Checking in from the road...

We left around 4 this afternoon. It's 8:30 now. We've stopped three times. 

1st stop-Diaper change, bottle for P, and  dinner for Cam and me 

2nd stop-Dog potty break and diaper blowout 

3rd stop-Gas in car, Posey's bedtime bottle, dog potty break, Coke for me, and Redbull for Cam.

So far...
Premade bottles, extra outfits on hand, a changing station in the car, and Peppa the Pig on the iPad have all been very helpful. 

Hoping for smooth sailing for the rest of the drive. Pray for safe travels. 444 miles to go! So excited for our girl to see the beach and meet my family and friends! 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Onesie Game

When Posey was born, she only had a few onesies. They weren't very cute or special. Just regular onesies. I quickly realized that she needed to up her "onesie game." My mom hit Etsy pretty hard and now we have fabulous, unique onesies! Woohoo!

Since then, we have also received some super cute onesies as gifts. So our "onesie game" is doing pretty well right now.

"You are my Sunshine" onesie available here

Other onesies that we love..but don't have pics of Posey in. 

Available here on Etsy

Available here on Etsy

Monday, August 11, 2014

Road Trip

Just me, Cam, Posey, Gus (dog), Rosie (dog), and a car packed to the gills.

We are hitting the road in a week or so to travel to Amelia Island, Waycross, and Atlanta.

We have taken the little one to Oxford for a few nights but other than that no long distance car rides.

We are also in the process of transitioning her from sleeping in a Rock n Play Sleeper with a swaddle to a crib with no swaddle.

Goodbye Rock n Play. I will seriously miss you and that once tiny little chicken that slept in it all bundled up, directly next to my side of the bed. Like touching the bed. I like her close.

Cross your fingers for this crib thing.

What this means for our trip is that we will also need a travel crib/pack n play/play yard .

I've already ordered some things that will maybe make this trip a little easier. Hopefully? Please, God?

Maxi Cosi Pria Convertible Car Seat

We will eventually need a car seat like this so I went ahead and bit the bullet.

It's made of a super comfortable fabric. I've read tons of reviews and almost all agree that the fabric helps keep your babe cool.

It easily reclines so that she will me more comfy while sleeping. 

Your baby won't be as constricted in this seat as opposed to a normal infant carrier seat.

I've already posted about P not loving the comfort or temperature of her infant seat so I figured this had to be a better option for keeping her happy on a looooong car ride. 

And it's pink.

Nuna Sena and Nuna Sena Mini

After MUCH research, I finally decided on the Nuna Sena. 

I chose it based on it's size, convenience, and safety.

Size: Posey can use the Nuna Sena until she is 3 years old. It can also serve as a playpen. 

Convenience: I watched several youtube videos on travel cribs. This one is the only one I found that can collapse with the upper cot in the frame. Some don't even have an upper cot. 

You can also fold it with just one hand. 

It's lightweight and easily folds into a bag. 

Safety: I loved that there is no plastic wall on the sides of the Nuna Sena. Just mesh all the way to the bottom. Very safe.

I was seriously considering the Bjorn travel cribs but they have a 6 inch wall of some sort of not very breathable material all around the sides. Didn't look safe to me at all. Many reviewers shared that opinion. 
Babies 'R' Us On-the-Go Diapering Station

This is just my opinion, so don't freak out on me.

I really don't like changing Posey's diaper in a public restroom of any kind. Restaurants are different. They don't bother me. 

My first experience public restroom diaper changing was not pleasant.
The changing table in the restroom was gross and flimsy. I had to lift my knee up into the air and hold it underneath the thing to steady it. 

 I know that I will have to do it from time to time. But I still bought this so I won't have to while on the road.

They may all be totally useless and a waste of money but who knows...

I will buy pretty much anything to make this 10 hour road trip not take us three days.

Wish us luck! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Girl Albriton

The original plan was to not find out the gender of the baby. Well, that was my plan and my husband, Cameron went along with it because he is sweet. When the time came for our "gender ultrasound" I knew that we would know our baby's gender by the end of that day. I had lost all of my willpower to wait. People telling me that I wouldn't make it really annoyed me so I still felt pressure from myself to stick with not finding out.

We had the ultrasound tech type the gender onto one of the sonogram pics and put it in an envelope. I was still being bitchy tough and told Cam "No, I am not opening it. I am going to wait!" I still knew that I was going to open that envelope ASAP but I was just trying to go with my original game plan. Cam asked if it was ok for him to open it. Of course, I said yes because I too was dying to know. Still trying to be tough about it, I asked him to try and not give me a reaction. Aren't I such an easy person to be married to?

He opened it before we even left the parking lot of our doctor's office.

He showed no emotion and had no reaction.


He got very quiet and focused. I asked him what he was thinking about. He said "life."

I immediately knew it was a girl! He would have said sports and fishing if it was a boy.

I took the envelope and opened it. I read the best word I have ever read.


Headed to our appointment

I will never forget screaming in excitement as we pulled onto Lakeland Drive. I literally screamed.

We facetimed my parents first. They were ecstatic and just besides themselves. The three of us definitely wanted a girl.

Cam swears that Mom cackled when we told her the baby was a girl.

Love it.

Drove to meet Cam's mom to tell her in person. So fun.

We called and text friends and family to share the awesome news.

Just pure excitement and giddiness from me.

Cam quickly started to worry about shopping and wedding funds. Smart man.

I would have been so happy to have a boy. Excited for the loop that would have thrown my family and that Cameron would have a son to share his love of sports and fishing with. Besides, everyone says boys love their mamas right?

But God knew I needed my girl and that's what he gave me.

My dream come true.

Operation: Keep Posey Cool

Posey is a "delicate little flower" as my Dad would say. A few weekends ago, my mom and I took P to the Persnickety Warehouse Sale in Madison, MS. Awesome shopping & great steals. We were outside the entire time we shopped. They had a couple large fans set up so I parked Posey in front of one thinking she would be fine. 

My poor girl was soaking wet by the time we were finished. I knew her face was getting a little pink but I couldn't see that the back of her head, neck, and back were drenched. Bad mama.

I immediately took her out of the stroller/car seat. We went in to Taylor Collection to shop and use their A/C.

Posey quickly cooled down and was as happy as a clam after that. Lesson learned. Cool baby = Happy baby. 

After that my mom became obsessed with keeping Posey cool and comfortable. She knows we are visiting them in Florida later this month. Got to have baby ready for her first beach trip!

My mom, being the online shopping queen that she is, found some awesome products to keep your little one nice and cool in these hot summer months.


I'm using the Geleeo in Posey's stroller. It's made of some awesome gel that doesn't need to be refrigerated. It just stays cool and you lay it in the stroller.

Comes in pink or blue. Super easy to clean. Just wipe it down.

Roccini Car and Stroller Cool Seat Liner

This is my fave. It's made of a breathable mesh. It creates a little air and space between your baby and their car seat or stroller.

It could not be easier to use. This one goes in Posey's car seat. I just laid it in there and we were good to go. 

Posey did a LARGE stain test on it...wink wink. It cleaned up SO easily!

Why I love these products:

-reasonably priced

-quick and convenient to use

-SO easy to clean

-SO worth the money if it means that my baby is comfy and happy

Hopefully these products will help my "delicate little flower" stay cool in this Mississippi heat.
Can't have my flower wilting. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Thank you Lord for giving me a little girl. She truly is my dream come true. My mom and I are going crazy about baby girl shopping. Loving Sweet Dreams, Etsy, Baby Gap, Old Navy, Zulily, and every baby boutique we can get to. 

I may or may not do daily photo shoots. I just can't resist. 

Here's a little bit of #whatposeywore :) 

Dressing up a baby girl...it's just the best. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pure Bliss

Well, I certainly have something to blog about now. 

Two months ago, I brought the most amazing baby girl into this world. My husband and I could not be more enamored and in love with our precious Posey. I'm going to try and start blogging about her, us, and just our day to day life as a way to keep up with all of the special details and memories. 
Kind of like an online "baby book". We will see how it goes!

My pregnancy wasn't fun at first but after the second trimester it was pretty great.
I was so scared but felt incredibly blessed.
Finding out that we were having a girl was one of the best moments of my life.
I keep trying to explain how you feel during these amazing moments like finding out the gender, seeing our baby for the first time, and bringing her home surrounded by family. 

The words that keep coming to my mind are "pure bliss". 

Even that doesn't begin to explain how amazingly wonderful this time is.

The last two months have been the best months of my life. No contest. 

Pure Bliss. 

Day before our baby girl was born. 

Posey Amelia Albriton 
Born on May 19. 
6 lbs. 8 oz. 
20 inches long

Just a couples pics from her first 24 hours. 

More to come on my pregnancy, Posey's birth story, and our first two months.