Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Compass Bowl

Win the party? Check!
Win the game? Check!

Hotty Toddy!! Great game Rebels!

Here is a little recap of my weekend:

The buses provided by Ole Miss for fans staying at certain hotels dropped off and picked up people directly in front of the World of Beer. Don't think that was a coincidence at all. 

It was so packed basically everywhere we went. 

Host cities of Ole Miss bowl games need to google Ole Miss fans and our previous bowl games.
50,000 people coming to your town. Do your research. 

We come to drink, watch Ole Miss play football and eat.

In that order. 

Atleast I'm doing it in that order.

So, be prepared. We are good for your business!

Cam and I decided to take it easy Friday night so we went to Flip Burger.

Love that place.

We won the bowl game and have a VERY good time at the game. No beer shortages this year :)

We ended the weekend with our own little rose ceremony in the lobby of the Marriott. 
Cam never ever gets embarrassed. I ALWAYS get embarrassed. 
We were sitting in front of the fountain and I mentioned that it looked like we were filming a scene from the Bachelor. He then stands up, picks a fake sunflower out of a vase, gets down on one knee, and gives it to me. 
People were laughing and clapping. 
He is such a good sport. 

Ole Miss Football Managers Gangnam Style

and don't forget...


See how fun Ole Miss is, Robert Nkemdiche? 

See that bowl game win?

Hope you are here to be a part of it next year!!

(Please God, Please God, Please God)

I can't believe I know how to spell your last name.

That HAS to be a sign of how badly we want you!!

We love you too Mama Nkemdiche! 

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