Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Favorite Instagrammers

Chrissy Teigen

Absolutely gorgeous and hilarious.
Sports Illustrated Model. 
John Legend's fiance. 
She's an excellent cook who makes things normal people would recognize and want to eat it.
This girl will crack you up at how candid she is. She will shock you.
She is SO real. Follow her on twitter for the real laughs.

Trina Turk

The photos are bright, colorful, and happy.
Their posts always put a smile on my face.
Simple & Easy.

Sitting In A Tree

West coast event planner with an adorable baby girl.
Quirky photos of her amazingly, creative events and details.
OH and she takes her precious baby with her to most places and posts the cutest pics of her.

Mindy Weiss

Oh, how I love thee. 
Mindy is my dream girl.
The events she creates are out of this world. Her mind just works on another level.
I consider myself a pretty creative person when it comes to events and parties but MY GOD she blows everyone away.
Her event pics will floor you.

Monica Rose

Stylist to Giuliana Rancic and the Kardashian girls.
Great insider pics.
But seriously, her daughter steals the shows.
LOOK at her in that mini leopard coat and a mini Celine.

Kelly Wearstler

Same situation as Mindy Weiss but in a completely different direction.
Kelly Wearstler is designing everything on another level.
It's fun to see her Instagram pics because it's like a peek behind the curtain in Oz or something.
She's a genius.

Heather McMahan

Remember her name. She's going places.
Former sorority sister of mine,
She stole the show then and she's doing it on my Instagram now.
I would follow her on every social media outlet available, if I were you.
She. is. hilarious.
She doesn't even have to try. 
The things that happen in her everyday life 
(esp when her parents are around) would make an amazing reality show.
Trust me.

Neiman Marcus

Pretty self explanatory.
I love following them on Instagram so I can oooh and aaaah over tons of things I can't afford!
Fun? Not really. But it keeps me current. 


I almost forgot one of my new favorites!
How could I forget this face?

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