Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tardy for the Party

In the next 9 days, we plan on...

Landscaping the front and back yard

Mmhmm dead serious this is what our yard looks like right now. Really cute.

Our patio is to be jacked up and then they're laying/extending the concrete patio.
This has to happen before they start the backyard landscaping.

See ya green AstroTurf stuff!

We are waiting on our FOURTH chandelier for this room.
1st one was a large oval pendant chandelier - wouldn't hang straight
2nd & 3rd one are the same chandelier I blogged about here.
The company sent me two chandeliers instead of one and the crystals were all a dark grey, smoke color.
No bueno.
The 4th one has been ordered but has not shipped yet.
 Please pray that I have a chandelier in my house by next weekend.

Dining room table is still covered in blankets from when the electrician was hanging the grey chandelier. I wasn't here and just assumed it was the right color. By the time I got home, he was almost finished hanging the entire thing. I'm ignoring this room until I have a chandelier.

Waiting on monogrammed shower curtain and rod to be hung.

Trying to find a contractor to hang our heavy bathroom mirrors. Glass company came out today and said they couldn't do it. So now we're calling a contractor. Cross your fingers.

Oh yeah and our master bedroom. Not too much happening in there except that it flooded again on Monday. Good times.

It is what it is!
That's been our motto for 2012.

Did I mention I am one of the hostesses for a party AT MY HOUSE on June 16th?

Party-goers and my poor neighbors...please don't judge me. I'm 24 and I'm doing the best I can.

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