Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Master Bedroom Update

So yeah...our master bedroom still looks like this. 

Because of this


Moving on!

Here's the game plan:

1. Wait on flooring for another 6 months at least. We just fixed the flooding problem a few months ago. We DEF don't want to put down wood floors for the third time and have to rip them up for the third time.

3. New king size bed and headboard.

4. New bedding.

5. Rug & Drapes

6. Lamps & Decorative pieces

I'm still trying to get a handle on my color pallet before we make any purchases.

I think I have pretty much decided on a plain white headboard with nail head trim with blue and white fabrics  and maybe touches of gold, bronze, and burnt orange. (Not Florida gator orange)

Any recommendations on where to get a custom made headboard?

I've been looking around Jackson and online.

Found a couple reasonably priced headboards so far!

Here's what I'm liking for our bedroom:

love the headboard

love everything!


obsessed with blue and white fabrics. drapes maybe?


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