Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Nephew's 1st Birthday

Last week my darling nephew turned one.

First of all, I literally cannot believe that I am someone's aunt and that that person is now ONE. I feel like he was just born. It's nuts.


Jack's party was absolutely adorable!

It was a candy themed party called "Jack's Sweet Shoppe". The invitation was so sweet! Ha :) 

"Regrets to the Sugar Mama" Love it.

I have always admired my sister-in-law's taste but she blew me away with this party.

I think it was the attention to detail that got me the most. So precious!

The birthday boy with his sweet mama and grandparents.

The entrance to their house. Love this sign! 
It was made specially for Jack by Celebration Yard Candy in Tyler, TX. 
CUTE stuff!
 Love their giant storks. 

The candy bar. 
Every detail is covered from the table cloth to the personalized banner to the individual description tags on the candy. 

Personalized stickers on each candy bag that read "Thank you for making my birthday so sweet!"

The drink station featured "Sugar Mama's Sweetheart Cocktails" and personalized cups that said "Jack is one!".

I love personalized cups for a children's birthday party. 

Hart Hopkins family in Waycross, GA dominated the birthday cups every year when I was growing up! 

It was a very common occurrence as a child to visit any of my friend's houses and be served a drink in one of the several cups from any of Hart's birthday parties. 

Snacks, goodies, and another really cute set up. 

Big kids playing. Even the swing set was decorated. 

More party goers and super cute lanterns!

Sweet Baby Jack enjoyed his cake!

So sad that he won't be a baby for much longer but I can't wait for more precious parties like this one as he grows up. 

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