Friday, March 23, 2012


Well, I sure am glad we went to Ross Bridge last weekend because we were definitely thrown a curve ball this week. During the torrential downpour Wednesday in Jackson our master bedroom flooded, again. It happened the first time last July while were on a week long vacation at my parent's condo in Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island. We were devastated to come home from a relaxing week to find our bedroom reaking of mildew and the hardwood floors buckling. Really devastated. Like seriously, I screamed. We were so close to having all of the construction and remodeling finished in our home to then have to rip up the hardwood floors, dry them, spray for mold, and have new hardwood floors installed. It was really upsetting but we got through it and decided not to completely lose our minds when things go wrong with our house in the future. We're still new at this whole owning, remodeling, and decorating a house thing.  I freak out.

So long story short, we thought we fixed the flooding problem and put down new floors. Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon.

My husband, Cameron walks into our bedroom and stepped into a puddle. He immediately thought that our defiant, new puppy Rosie had gone to the bathroom in the house again.

Yes, she looks sweet. But you have no idea what she is capable of. 

After further inspection, he realized that water was coming up between the slats of the hardwood floors and causing our floors to buckle. We immediately started drying the floors and hoping that maybe it would stop or a miracle would happen or something. After ten minutes or so, I ran into the laundry room to get more towels and that's when I smelled "it". Rosie had gone to the bathroom in our entryway and "it" was larger than she was and like nothing I had ever seen before. If I hadn't of caught her in the act, I would have never believed it was from her.

Sweet little Rosie after the clean up. 

 I called Cameron in to come help me wrangle her out of the way so that I could clean "it" up. Rosie, knowing that she had done something VERY VERY bad, decided to run from Cam. He started chasing her and being the awkward, lanky puppy that she is, slid her entire body into and through "it." She then proceeded to run around the house with Cameron trailing behind her. At this point, with our house and dog covered in poo and our hardwood floors buckling, the only thing we could do was laugh. Cam said that it was like Armageddon in our house for a while there. He went back to drying the floors and I went to work on cleaning up Rosie and the mess she made. I screamed again but this time I was joking and Cam loved it. I do a great Kacie B. from the Bachelor impression. Don't watch this if you really hate curse words. It's edited but still.

Having your bedroom flooded twice in eight months is not an ideal situation but we will get through this. I'm very happy to say that we handled the second flooding way better than the first even with the Rosie incident.    Proud of us. Hope y'all have a great weekend! I'm off to buy some lotto tickets and research tiled bedrooms!

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  1. Sounds like a SusieAStyles reality episode! Get that house well soon!!!