Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yoga & "Just Anxiety"

This post is going to be a bit more real that my usual ones. So heads up!

Over the last year, I have become obsessed with yoga.

To the point where I almost signed up for a sixth month course to become a yoga instructor. But I would have had to miss the Ole Miss-Georgia game. Ohhhhh no. #priorities

I take classes at Joyflow Yoga in Ridgeland, MS. 

It's a good workout but nothing too serious.

The most positive thing I have gotten from yoga is the affect it has on my attitude and anxiety.

At times my anxiety can get out of control.

I literally make myself sick from being so anxious. Not fun. Not cute.

For example, the morning of our drive to Fernandina.
(the first night of our Islamorada trip we stayed there to break up the drive) 

I was doing fine. I had gotten up, dressed, and ready to go. Then all of the sudden, I started thinking about all of these "what if's"?

What if I get sick from my stomach problems on the ride down there?
I hate being sick at a gas station!
What if it rains the whole time?
It will be a waste of my parent's money!
What if we don't get along with Sally's new boyfriend?
I will def be the reason for that!
What if Gus' eyegunk comes back while we are away?
I can't find his meds!!

I know, I know. First worst problems. White girl problems. Whatever.

All of that raced through my mind in the span of seconds.
I started sweating and getting stomach cramps.
I went into my usual anxiety attack mode and then all of the sudden I got control. 

I went into Cam's office, turned off the lights, and turned on the fan.
Cold air works wonders for me.

For some reason, it just hit me that everything I was feeling and thinking was "just anxiety".

For not-so-anxious people this doesn't seem like a big deal but for an anxiety freak to realize that it's "just anxiety" is HUGE. 

Cam can tell me a hundred times that it's "just anxiety" and I while I appreciate him trying to help I will still continue to panic. 

Anyways, I was in Cam's office in the dark and decided to try a few yoga positions to see if that relieved my stomach pain. 

After only five minutes of basic poses and stretches, I felt a million times better.

Centered. Relaxed stomach. 

No I didn't feel amazing, I was still kind of shaky but my breathing and stomach were much calmer. 

But still. Just knowing that yoga can help me control my anxiety and it's side effects is amazing. 


Well I think that's enough about me and my issues.

I highly recommend trying yoga if you have some of the same issues that I do.

It's good for you.

To anyone reading in Jackson, I love taking classes at Joyflow and would love to have you join me!

I have also tried Jillian Micheals' yoga workout dvd. I do not recommend. it.

Jillian is a man hoss. 

She is all about making you sweat not so much on the calming and centering.

I recommend following Yoga Journal on Pinterest and downloading Yoga Free on your iPhone or iPad.

They are great to refresh your memory on poses if you are traveling or haven't been to a class in a while. 

I like to do this sequence if I am feeling anxiety coming on.


Try it sometime! 

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