Friday, October 19, 2012

5 Things I Love

It's SO scary but it's so good. Wednesdays at 9 on FX. 

This chair is fabulous. It's from Poplin & Queen's High Point Market pics.
I wanted to be there SO bad.
The pics on instagram from my fave bloggers were amazing. I can't imagine being there in person.

Absolutely obsessed with the Regalia dress from BHLDN

This "Pin" I came across that led to this article. SO SWEET.

"A child left his beloved stuffed giraffe, Joshie, behind at Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island. The boy was frantic, so his Dad told him Joshie was just taking a extended vacation. After calling the hotel to explain, he received a package in the mail days later. Inside was Joshie and a binder of photographs detailing his "vacation". The pictures were taken throughout the hotel and spa (pictured) and even with a security ID with his name and picture on it. Welcome home, Joshie. BRAVO, Ritz Carlton." 

LOVE the dog paintings in this Danny Klimetz photo.

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