Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Begin by gathering your makeup brushes, a wash cloth, and your makeup brush shampoo.

I use Sephora's Brush Shampoo. It's the same as what they sell online and in stores. My bottle is just old and so is the label.

Squirt a little into your hand.

Wet your makeup brush.

Swirl the brush into the shampoo in your palm. 
You will see the makeup coming off of the brush onto your hand. That's what you want. See the edge of my palm?

Keep rinsing and swirling until your brush is clean.
Don't bend your brush too much. You don't want it to lose it's shape.

I like to squeeze my brush while running it under the water.

The makeup really comes out fast after squeezing it. 

Once your brush is clean, use your fingers to smooth out the bristles and re-shape your brush.

Very important.

 Be SURE to either lay your brushes FLAT or stand them up straight while they are drying.

If they dry in a funky shape, you are going to have a funky brush. 

Repeat on all of your brushes.

I like to wash mine right after I apply my make up in the morning so I know they will be dry when I need them the next day.

My makeup artist for my wedding was religious about cleaning her brushes.

She explained that regular cleaning is the best way to make them last.

If you are spending $20 & up on a makeup brush, you might as well clean it every now and then and get your money's worth. 

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