Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Things I Love

True life.

Blondbre? Blonde + Ombre 
Loving it on LC but is it for me?

Love my furry little friends. TONS of snuggling with them the past week.

They both got out of our backyard Saturday without us knowing.

A sweet lady led Rosie back to our house but Gus was missing for 30 mins.

Doesn't seem like a long time to most but I was losing it. I wasn't ready to for him to leave me yet.
I was going back and forth from hysterical to "YOUR HIS MOTHER YOU HAVE TO FIND HIM" mode.

After a while another sweet lady called and had him in her house.

Thank the LORD for kind people. These are not "outside dogs."

I'm about to cry again writing about it. I've had a rough week y'all. 

SO, squeeze and snug with your pups a little more this weekend. I was def not ready for my Gussie to go away.


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