Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goyard Love

Goyard bags are fabulous.


It is safe to say that I have "Goyard Fever" as one blogger describes it.

I have been eyeing the Goyard St. Louis PM on blogs for a while.

BUT I saw one in person for the first time in Oxford for the Ole Miss-Texas Game.

It was orange and on the arm of a very well dressed Texas fan 
but it was

Of course, they are expensive and not easy to purchase if you live in the South.

So naturally, I have to have one.

Damsel in Dior has a few...

Jess from The Love List has one...

Catalina Su has a wallet and a bag...

and OF COURSE Gwenyth has one in my fave color. Damn you Gwenyth. You've got it all.

Even freaking Lizzie McGuire has Goyards.

So here's what I've learned from online research:

1. Ebay buyers beware! Several Goyard blogs and message boards warn that there are amazing Goyard fakes all over the internet. Apparently, it can be incredibly hard to distinguish between the fakes and the real Goyards. 

2. You can customize your bag with stripes or a monogram. But also watch out here too. I've read that the customs details are painted on and will surely chip. Especially the white paint.

 3. Color is more expensive. The black and red bags are less expensive because they are stock pieces. Any other color is going to cost you extra.

4. Goyard pieces cannot be purchased offline. They are sold in Goyard stores and Barney's or you can purchase them over the phone by calling a Goyard store.

IF you are interested in a Goyard, I recommend this site. It's a Goyard section of the PurseForum

You can learn a lot from reading posts and there is even a section to post Goyard bags that are for sale on Ebay or similar sites. The PurseForum readers will help you verify it's authenticity. Score!

And if I am wrong on my Goyard info, PLEASE let me know. 


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