Friday, March 16, 2012


I spotted Gray Malin's photography on Pinterest a few weeks ago. His photographs are taken at various beaches from all over the world while riding in a helicopter. Pretty cool. I loved all of his photos. They are simplistic but have touches of bold color. I look at his photos and they remind me of great childhood beach memories and now as an adult, how much the ocean soothes and calms me (I'm an anxious girl). Looking at his work just puts a smile on my face.

These are my two fav photos. Can't decide!

So when I checked One King's Lane yesterday for new sales, I was ecstatic to see that his work was being featured on the site (& at a much discounted price). It's destiny!

I got out the painter's tape and taped off a square that was the exact measurements of the photos for sale on One King's Lane. Then, I looked on Google Images to see if there were printable versions of the two photos I was deciding between. And there were! Woohoo! So I printed those pics and taped them to the wall so I could get some idea of what the actual photo would look like in our kitchen. After deciding which one I liked and calling my mom for her opinion, the Hubs came home and he picked the same photo we did! Double destiny! Which photo do you prefer?

PS If you are not a member of One King's Lane and would like to be, send me an email! I can send you an invitation and you will receive a $15 credit just for signing up!


  1. AHH! I looked at these photos forEVER yesterday on One Kings Lane. They fascinate me! I also like the Bondi Beach and Bondi Beach Swimmers pictures, but the Sydney Surfers is up there too. I can't decide.

    We have the same art-phobia. I am so afraid to commit to a piece, if ever I find one, and I just CANNOT bring myself to hang them. Good stuff is hard to find. Especially when you only have a few colors to work with. Mirrors, on the other hand, are my best friend. I've got 6 (ooo that sounds like a bit much) on the walls throughout this one bedroom condo! But they were screaming my name and they're mirrors, they'll match whatever they see...not colored things that cause me anxiety.

  2. Maroubra Beach Surfers is my fave! I really like Boogie Boarders, Kauai also, but that blue is a little bright. I need some good art, too. Still haven't settled on what I want hanging above my bed and I've been in my apartment for over a year now...