Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just Blah

Things are moving along nicely around our house with the exception of our master bedroom. The drapes are ordered, art is on the way, and the landscaper is drawing up plans for the front and back of our house. We're getting there!

 I have a feeling that the next project is going to be a favorite of mine because I really don't like the way this room is right now. Our guest bathroom/powder room is just a sad, little space. I'm just not feeling it. There is nothing going on in there. No focus or direction. Just blah.

I think a powder room should be special and have something exciting or glamorous going on. These are a few of my fav guest baths/powder rooms. 

Our guest bath is such a small space that I want to keep the color simple and soft so that the print doesn't overpower the room. I'm thinking bold, printed wallpaper in a neutral shade and glamorous, new mirrors will liven up this depressing room. I went to Seabrook yesterday to check our their new Candice Olsen wallpaper book. Our dining room wallpaper is also Candice Olsen so I knew that I would be able to find several samples that I liked. I looked at the book online, but I really needed to see it in person to make a decision. Here a few that I'm considering.

The front runner.
Pretty texture.
This is my REAL fav but it's just too crazy.

I'm leaning towards the sample in the first picture. It's both fun and glamorous in my opinion. I love that the flowers are raised and give the wallpaper a soft texture. I plan on asking our painter how many coats it will take to paint the cabinets white. I'm so afraid to hear his answer because I really really want to paint them white! I've also decided on these mirrors to replace the ones we have now. These update are going to change this room so much! So excited to see how this room turns out!


  1. Can't wait to see what the room looks like with the new wallpaper. The one you've picked is so different and pretty!