Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bare All

In addition to a lack of draperies, we don't have anything hanging on our walls. I really feel like having "stuff" on the walls will be the difference between a completed home and what we have right now. We do have a mirror and a few paintings that were reused from my condo in Oxford hanging in the living room and hallway. But other than that it's all bare. I'm searching for art for two particular spots right now but this post will focus on artwork over the mantle.

Please excuse the lumpy couch cushions and brown blanket. The pups think this is their bed. 

I have had the hardest time deciding what direction I was going in as far as the mantle art goes. This room already has tons of color and a series of bright and trendy artwork on the opposing wall. I REALLY don't want our living room to look like the set of Austin Power's. So I've been looking off and on for a while now for the perfect piece. I recently went through 22 pages of Etsy abstract art and found a few paintings that I liked. But again, nothing that I am head over heels for (Reoccurring mini-drama). My mom suggested that I stop looking for something to simply fill the vacant space, but instead look for a piece that had meaning to the Hubs and me. She lead me to Jackson, Mississippi artist Jacqueline Ellens.

Vibrant colors but not too bright or overpowering!
Local artist? Sunset over the Delta? I would say that counts as meaningful!

We headed out to Jacqueline's Southern Breeze Art Gallery today to check out her work in person. The Hubs and I both agreed that her "Sunset" pieces (like the one featured above) would be perfect for over our mantle. Jacqueline was not in the store today but I should be hearing from her this week about commissioning her for a piece! Thrilled! As my leader Rachel Zoe says, I'm definitely getting a "witch vibe" over this potential purchase.  It just feels right.

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  1. Jacqueline's pieces ARE georgous! You do have lots of good color, but this will be the perfect statement piece to pull it all together and even highlight that to-die-for orange chair.
    Those colors were made for your living room.
    Another thing I think would be fun in your house somewhere is some subway art. I think the style would flow well. It'd be fun to have all of the cam&suz towns listed. The lady at houseofsmiths has a good lookin' one. I've looked at several on Etsy.

    Keep it up. I'm enjoying the daily entertainment.
    Obviously I have too much to do at the Capitol today. I think Rep is the only one working today. Fine by me. I'm getting some important things done here! :)