Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just not the case

I am no stranger to iPhones or their cases. I think that I am on iPhone number 207 at this point. I've broken them, lost them, and even had them stolen. I just keep going back for more. You would think with my past experiences that I would go for an Otterbox case to make sure that my phone is protected. Just can't do it. I've tried different Otterbox cases but they are SO bulky and just not cute. Last year, I fell in love with this Kate Spade case and bought it immediately. I was very surprised at how long it lasted because I tend to drop my phone quite often. It lasted about 6 months and I was very pleased with my purchase.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Spade did not consider Oxford wedding weekend extravaganzas when she designed this case. Needless to say, it did not survive the weekend but my phone and I did so all is well. I'm looking for a new case to get me through spring and hopefully summer too. Since I was happy with my first Kate Spade case, I figured I would check her site first.

Love this one! Too cute! Except that I don't play tennis. 

A friend pinned this and it might just be the one. Not from

This case from Etsy is super cute but too busy for me. I would probably get tired of it, take it off my phone, and then shatter my phone because I didn't have a case on it. 

Yes, that's Dumbo. Too strange not to share. 

Found this site on Pinterest. So many options! I like #6 but in the cursive option.
It reminds me of a recent outfit of Blair's from Atlantic Pacific. You can't go wrong imitating her.

There are tons of options of iPhone cases out there. Some of them are really, really weird. But it's what ever floats your boat!

Which one should I get?


  1. haha, I have the otterbox and my phone STILL shattered!! I love the color block ones and was going to get one for my phone!

  2. Good to know about your phone & the Otterbox. Makes me feel better about not having one. I'm def leaning towards the color block cases too! Send me a pic if you get one! Thanks for commenting Paige!