Thursday, May 17, 2012

Q&A with Anna

Meet Anna.

She's 25, a Jackson native, incredibly cute & nice, and she just finished her second year of law school. 
And she's fabulous. I met her during my sophomore year at Ole Miss. She instantly made me feel comfortable and I immediately clicked with her. I wanted to interview Anna for my blog for many reasons. She has AMAZING style, AMAZING hair, and is in AMAZING shape!

Basically, I wanted to know how she does it?

How does she always have the perfect hair and outfit for every occasion, look awesome every time I see her, and succeed in law school all at the same time?!?!

Sounds like I have a girl crush! ha

Well, she laughed at me when I asked about her level of perfection in style & hair so I just focused my questions on how to get her rocking body

Here's how:

Susannah Styles: What are you eating on a typical weekday?

Anna: I have coffee and usually Pepperidge Farm wheat toast, the large slices, and top it with honey and peanut butter. During the day, I'm in and out of class so I'm drinking coffee. I don't skimp on my coffee either, I add creamers and sugar. I try to fit in an hour at the gym sometime during my day. For lunch, I usually have a small sandwich and chips. I always have water with me during the day. I drink a lot of water. For dinner, I try to keep it small but not too health conscious. 

SS: How many times a week are you working out?

Anna: At least 4 times maybe 5. It's all about fitting my work out in to my schedule. I have to do it when I have the time available. I don't have a specific schedule everyday so I have to make time to work out. That's the hardest part for me.

SS: So what is your typical work out like?

Anna: I have to keep switching up what I'm doing. I can't just get on a treadmill and do an entire hour. I get bored to easily and won't push myself.

For the 5 min warm up, I usually start at 4.5 and incline at 0.5 and then every minute up the incline by 0.5 and the speed by 0.5. So, once I get to 5 minutes, I'm at 5.0 and incline of 3.0!

When I run for the 10-15 minutes I usually put the incline down to either 0.5 or 1.0, just depending on how I feel.

I usually start on the elliptical and then go to the treadmill. I try to do as much time on the elliptical as I can, so I don't have to spend too much time on the treadmill!

SS: How often do you weigh yourself? Personally, I am a slave to my scale and all it does is make me crazy...not skinny.

Anna: I don't weigh myself. It really doesn't help me, it hurts me too. I judge my weight by how my clothes are fitting and that makes me much happier. 

SS: What do you think is YOUR key to staying in shape?

Anna: Flexibility. I can't plan my work outs everyday. I have to go when I have free time and just get it done. If I am at the gym, I am going as hard I can. There's not point is making the time and then not pushing yourself to the fullest extent. 

SS: Ok, enough work out talk. What are 3 possessions you can't live without?
Anna: Oh this is hard...let me phone, Kerastase relaxing products, and my curling iron. I sound like I only care about my phone and my hair.

SS: No you don't! I respect that. I have very unruly hair.
SS: What's in your bag at all times?

Anna: Phone, Sunglasses, Nature Valley Peanut Butter Bar, Earphones, a Mini Make Up Case filled with Roll-on perfume, Lip gloss, and Oil blotting sheets. 

SS: What is your fave designer that's ridiculously expensive?
Anna: Valentino

SS: Fave designer that's affordable?
Anna: Tibi and J Brand

SS: Good call on the Tibi.

Here's what I took away from this interview:

Anna is so sweet to take time out of her busy schedule to come answer questions for my blog.

Anna works out really HARD. 

After talking to her, I feel so different about my own works out. If Anna can handle everything she's doing and make time to work out, I can DEFINITELY make time. If you are going to be working out for an hour, you might as well bust you ass and do your very, very best. Don't waste your own time. (I'm talking to myself here) If you have the time the do it, get up and do it WELL. 

I'm really going to try to stop compulsively weighing myself. If I go full force in my work out, I should be proud of myself.  I shouldn't have to use the scale to check my progress. I will already know that I've done well because my clothes are fitting and I have pushed myself to the max.

 Faster results=Happier Susannah

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