Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hangout Hippies

 A lot of people find it very strange that I am such a girly girl and lover of the nicer things in life but I have this inner hippie side of me. I'll admit that it's not normal to go to Turks and Caicos for one week of your honeymoon and then to Oregon to camp in the woods for a 4 day music festival for the second week. 

But I love it.

And you know who else loves it?
 The two most important men in my life. My precious father and my darling husband.
So I'm in good company. 

Those two love a jam band. 

I love channeling my inner hippie and kind of being a different person for a little while.
 I get to dress like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, listen to music for a few days, and just kind of detach from society for a little bit.

Rothbury 2008 - Rothbury, Michigan

Winter Carnival 2011 - Broomfield, Colorado

Wanee Music Festival 2010 - Live Oak, Florida
left that one early to make it to our Engagement Party in Waycross

Bonnaroo 2011 -  Manchester, Tennessee 
Even my sister likes it!

The Dead 2009 - Los Angeles, California

Horning's Hideout 2010 - Right outside of Portland, Oregon
2nd week of our honeymoon

Think I look silly? I promise you, Cameron and I are ALWAYS the most normal looking people there.
Best people watching ever!

Ok, now to the point of this post. Cam and I are going to the Hangout Music Festival this weekend. I am so pumped. Cam's all-time fave band The String Cheese Incident is playing two sets. They are quickly becoming my favorite too. Oh and Dave Matthews Band is headlining!!!!!!!

 If you like Dave, I highly recommend going to see him at a festival like the Hangout. You don't have to camp, you're on the beach, and you have the chance to see DMB up close and personal for a great price! You would spend a fortune on tickets to see him this close anywhere else. 

I have a few helpful hints for the first-timers.

Don't wear a romper. I've made this mistake. I was trying to be cute and stylish at Wanee. Rompers and portapotties don't mix. You don't want to have to take the romper completely off every time you need to go to the restroom. The chances of another person accidentally opening the door and seeing you almost naked are VERY great. 

Throw some hand sanitizer in your bag. Portapotties are disgusting. You will be eating with your hands. Bring hand sanitizer!!!!!!

Drink water during the day. My dad says to drink a bottle of water every hour until near dusk and "the first Corona will never taste better."
Most people are there to see the headliners. Don't have too much fun during the day. It's very tempting to over do it early on. The sun will exhaust you more than you will realize at the time. You don't want to get dehydrated, get sick, and have to miss the bands you came to see.

Wear a bathing suit or clothes that dry quickly. It's going to get hot. You are going to want to get in the ocean or pour water on yourself.

Here's are my Hangout essentials if I had thousands of dollars to spend on hippie apparel:


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