Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fried Green Tomatoes

A lot of things are different when Cameron goes out of town. Some negative, some positive.

One thing I do enjoy while he is away is eating fresh vegetables. 
Cameron prefers his veggies out of a can. 

We stopped at Hamilton's Produce in Wilmer, Alabama on the way to and from Gulf Shores last week. I bought a pound of boiled peanuts both times. On the way back, I bought a couple of their pretty green tomatoes and a box of Whistle Stop Batter Mix

I was kind of scared of making these because I rarely fry things. 
To my surprise, it was quick and easy. The fried green tomatoes turned out lovely!

Here's what you need:
Vegetable Oil
1 Green Tomato
Whistle Stop Batter Mix or you can make your own like this recipe
1 cup water

1. Start by pouring a good amount of vegetable oil into a large skillet. Heat the oil on high for a few minutes.

2. Mix the batter with one cup of water. 

3. Wash and dry the tomatoes and cut them 1/4 of an inch thick. 

4. I like to test the heat of my oil my dropping a little bit of the batter into the oil. If it starts frying, you are ready to go!

5. Take on slice at a time and put it into the batter. 

6. I use my fingers to flip the tomato onto the other side and to make sure that both sides are covered in batter.

7. Carefully lay each tomato slice into the oil. Cook on each side for a about 3-5 minutes.

8. Once browned and crispy on both sides, remove them from the pan and place them on a paper towel lined plate. I like to add a little salt to mine and serve them with the Comeback Sauce from the Mayflower Restaurant in Jackson. 

Glass of homemade sweet tea with fresh lemon.
Fried green tomatoes with Mayflower Comeback Sauce.
Reading 50 Shades of Grey by the pool during the day and watching Downton Abbey season 1 at night. 

I could get used to this. 

It was a great Memorial Day! Missed you though, Cam!

Here's a helpful tip from my good friend Fran on what to do with the grease.

Thanks Frannie!

Make a bowl out of aluminum foil.

Pour the grease into the aluminum foil bowl.

Let it cool and solidify.

Then roll the ball up and throw it away!


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