Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alabama Shakes

My sister Sally turned me on to the band the Alabama Shakes. 

They're from Athens, Alabama and they are awesome.

 Lead singer Brittany Howard is an Aretha Franklin-Janis Joplin mix and I love her. I read a little bit about the band's history on their website. When asked how she got started with bass player Zac Cockrell, Brittany responded "I just knew that he played bass and that he wore shirts with cool bands on them that nobody had heard of." That's just great to me.

Just start this video on your computer, turn it up kinda loud and then open another window and get on Pinterest or Facebook or something. I promise by the end of the song that they will have gotten your attention back to the video.

And if they don't, I bet you have a lot of Justin Beiber on your iPod.

Keep watching this one until the 3 minute mark. 

So excited to see them at the Hangout Festival next weekend!

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