Wednesday, May 9, 2012

House Update

We are knocking things off of the "House To-Do" list left and right! Guest bath is looking much better nowadays! The wallpaper changed the entire feeling of our house. I just love this room. It makes me feel so proud of our home! Still waiting on the shower curtain and the mirrors to be hung. 

Except for a few more pillows, I think that the living room is finished! New art, the framed scarf and the new lamps were the perfect finishing touches. 

New lamps! 

I couldn't be more pleased with the framed Pucci scarf. It's bright, weird, and funky. Just what I wanted. I think that every room needs something a little strange and unusual in it. 

The drapes in the dining room are up! (With a lot of help my mother-in-law, Thanks Lynnie!)

Aaaaand the chandelier was supposed to be assembled & hung yesterday. 

See that little hole or gap in the ceiling? Yeah so, I've got to find a ceiling medallion and quick so that our electrician can get back over here and finish.  

Because I have been waiting since JANUARY to have this big boy in my house. Electrician said it's going to take him an hour and a half to hang all of the crystals. 


For some reason, John the electrician wasn't as excited as I was. 

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