Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Onward Reserve

Guys can be so hard to buy for. 
While they usually have plenty of interest and hobbies, it's usually man stuff like hunting or fishing.
I know nothing about either.

I don't have this problem. Drop me off at Saks or Neimans and I will have no problem at all creating an extensive wish list for you.

My fave new site for "man shopping" is Onward Reserve

They have everything from bow ties to coolers.

Be sure to check out Onward Reserve on Facebook here.

Here a few of my faves from Onward Reserve.

(Hotty Toddy!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This is the description of this pair of shoes from OnwardReserve.com

"Your date to the semi-formal won’t be able to tell that these bad boys are not real crocodile. And if she does, tell her that you are conscious of the needs of the world’s wildlife population and want to do your part in stopping the illegal trade of crocodile skins. We trust you have better ways to spend the extra $1,000 you save by going “mock” with your croc."

Love it!
Can't leave my UGA people out.

Every guy needs a dopp kit. 
This particular one is special because of the quality and the color. 
Great durability and won't show stains!

The Ultimate Man Gift
Completely worth the money & EVERY guy wants one

Be sure to check out Onward Reserve 

 Five Mile Club is a members only site that offers "insider prices"
also from the creators of Onward Reserve

& like them on Facebook here and here

Absolutely perfect for "man shopping"!


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