Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Things I Love

Had the best time at her wedding and parties last weekend
I also LOVE that Matt Burdine and I ended the weekend with a little late night/early morning yoga
Wild weekend my friends...

I love mixing cheap and expensive accessories.
fake Prada Baroque sunglasses and very real Oscar Heyman earrings borrowed from Albriton's...
have to laugh at that combo.
Those sunglasses were $10 in Piedmont Park.
The earrings...well they are much more. 

Love some Spice Girls.
CANNOT WAIT for the closing ceremony of the Olympics!

Love our overflowing koozie drawer.
Yes people, those are koozies. 
I still don't know what the F a huggie is.
Sorry Mississippi friends.

Thanks for the pic Beth!

I love how the earrings I made for Julia's bridal party turned out...#obsessed

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