Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gallery Girls

Hot Mess.
Train wreck.

Those are the words that come to my mind when I watch this show.
It comes on Bravo, Monday nights at 9 pm Central time.

You have your Manhattan gallery girls.
Blonde, expensive clothing, nice bags

And then you have your Brooklyn gallery girls.
Quirky, kind of grungy, and completely out of touch with reality

For example, Chantal...
I want to kill her.

At first I was like "oh she's cute, fun, and reminds me of Jade from Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros."

Let me tell you...
She's no Jade.

A little back story, Chantal and her friend Claudia (they pronounce it like clow-dia, so weird)
have opened a small gallery to sell up and coming artist's clothing, accessories, and paintings.

They have all put money into the store but Clowdia has put $15,000 of her parents money in the gallery.
The majority of the gallery's money.

So understandably, she's concerned about making a profit and paying her family back.

Chantal could care less.

Chantal gets wasted at their grand opening party, tells Clowdia to make sure and be and work early,and then doesn't show up.

During her interview Chantal explains that, "I woke up, I did some yoga, I had a french press coffee, and now i'm ready."

2 and a half hours late.

While poor Clowdia is sweating all over the camera and trying to clean up and open the store

Great friends!!

I love to hate this show and will most likely watch every episode.

Here are some of my favorite Gallery Girls quotes from just the first two episodes.

"Like don't get bechamel sauce all over my clothes." - Angela (Asian wannabe model, who says she's obsessed with men)

"I don't like....wines from Oregon." - my fave Chantal

"Do you like how I light up when we talk about me?" - Angela

"I'm ready to flee for Cuba and just chill." - Chantal (at the grand opening party for her OWN gallery)

When asked how work is going Chantal replies, "work is good, it's just a lot of work."

"I'm very lucky to have a father that takes care of me so that I can work for free as an intern." - Amy (She's def my second favorite)

In reference to being sent on a errand to Brooklyn, Manhattan gallery girl Maggie explains "It looks like a zombie Apocalypse has come through."

I can't wait for the next epsisode. 

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