Sunday, August 5, 2012

Monday's Must Have

This post is about waxing and hair removal.

If you are grossed out, I would stop reading now.

This is definitely a more personal post than what I am used to but here goes nothing!

These little strips are spectacular! 

You may say...

Why would you want to wax yourself instead of paying an aesthetician to do it?

-It's only $25 for 20 strips. That means basically 10 waxes for $25. 
-It's so easy! You just rub the strips in between your hands for 15-20 seconds and know.
-The package includes a little bottle of some kind of liquid that removes any wax left on your skin.
-Most importantly to me, you don't have to wear a paper thong and make small talk while someones rips the hair from your skin. 


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