Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kitchen Storage

We bought this house (that needed major, extensive, dramatic remodeling) when I was 22.

I was also a senior at Ole Miss taking 21 hours, planning our wedding, and traveling every weekend either to Georgia, Florida, or Jackson for wedding planning and parties.

To say that my mother-in-law loves a DIY project in an understatement. 
Obsessed is probably a better word.
Her children have been known to refer to her as Lynn Vila...as is Bob Vila.

Thank the LORD for her and her skills because I am not a big DIY-er.
If you can pay someone to do it, I'd rather pay them and get it done.
But when you don't have any $$$, that's not really an option :)

Needless to say, my mother-in-law Lynn headed up the remodeling of our house.
She truly has a gift for seeing a house or space and being able to see what it COULD be.
And then most likely, she's going to grab a sledgehammer and SHOW you. 

While this house is not our ultimate, final dream home, my mother-in-law included some treasures that I will now make sure I have in every house I ever live in!

She really hooked me up in the kitchen. It's heaven. 

Most of these are inexpensive projects that you may be able to do yourself (Lynn) or you can always hire a handyman or electrician.

Pull out drawers in cabinets for easy access. You can see everything that's in it. Instead of a large cabinet where the items in the back can get lost.

A pull out appliance garage.
This cabinet has an outlet in the back so I never have to take the appliances out of the drawer.
This one stores our Keurig and food processor.

Instead of a small cabinet above the oven that you can never see or reach, she designed a space to store serving platters and baking sheets.

Now for my favorite

Regular cabinet turned into a pull up mixer stand.


Absolutely fantastic!
My Kitchenaid mixer lives under my island with all of its parts and pieces.
Again, there is an outlet built into the island so I never have to lug my mixer out onto the counter.
I just pop it up, mix, take out the dirty pieces, wash, and pop it back down.
Easy Peasy.

I would have never thought that incorporating these little "tricks" into the carpentry and electricity would make such a big difference.

But they do.

Thanks again Lynnie!

PS please forgive the quality of my pics for a few weeks! left my camera at the beach house.

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