Thursday, August 2, 2012

Catalina Su

Catalina Su is a cool bitch.
I've mentioned her before here but she deserves her own post. 

Check out her blog here

She's Giuliana Rancic and Catt Sadler's makeup artist.
Her blog is awesome.
It mostly pics of her day, some fashion photos, and a little Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Kate Moss.

She gets to be up close & personal on a lot of cool shows and interviews...and hangout with celebs and party...

She's obsessed with eating healthy and has a very unique fashion sense. 

She just seems like she would be really fun to go have a few drinks with and judge people watch our fellow patrons.

It's so interesting to see her world through her personal iPhone pics...

Right now, her blog is even better because she's in London while the E! girls cover the Olympics!

Jealous, much?

Here are a few pics from her blog:

Catalina with Giuliana

Behind the scenes with Giuliana and Bill
 (omg how I love G&B--I cry every time I think about them finally being able to become parents. SO sweet)

Behind the scenes on an nterview with Michael Phelps in London

Shopping with Catt in London

That's Catalina on the left

Waiting/Working at E!

She also her own makeup products for the actual products she uses on Giuliana and Catt!

Which are available for purchase here

"I use this bronzer—from my makeup artist's line—as blush, it's called Catalina Su Bronzer Blush Contour, $22, It instantly makes your skin look healthier after you apply it. I always put it on before I get off the plane; Bill doesn't understand why, but I tell him it's because you never know who you’re going to see."

Read more: Bronzer - Giuliana Rancic Beauty Tips - Cosmopolitan 

All photos courtesy of Catalina Su via


  1. I haven't been able to decide on bronzers lately. I think I may try this one! Especially since it's only $22.

    1. You should! Can't beat that price & Giuliana looks great wearing it. Please send me a review if you decide to buy it!

  2. omgoshhhhh, I love Lina!! Huge fan of her blog...and her life, daaa!! Good to know, I am not the only one blogging about her...

  3. Haha I'm a fan of her life too!! Def not the only one! She's one of my faves. Thanks for commenting!! :)