Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mattress Heaven

I just had to share this.

As you may know, finishing our bedroom is an ongoing battle.

If you are new to my blog, you can read about the bedroom mayhem here, here, and here.

Never ending...

Well...Ladies & Gentlemen, I AM OVER IT.

This is not how I normally do things.

I get stuff done efficiently in a timely manner.

Well at least I think i do :)

Since the bedroom is still flooding anytime we have a heavy rain, we are getting quotes on adding another french drain.

I usually don't discuss money on my blog but I'm doing it now. The french drain quote is over $3,000.

Kill me. 


So we are waiting on another quote.

Today was day one of being fed up with this situation.

So I decided to get on craigslist and look at things that I CAN afford for the bedroom project.

No look on finding a vanity, but I stumbled upon a listing for a wonderful place I call Mattress Heaven.

Well slightly damaged but MAJORLY discounted Mattress Heaven.

Cameron, my mother-in-law, and I loaded up and headed to Affordable Mattress Outlet aka Mattress Heaven.

PS Thank the sweet LORD that we brought my MIL. It was def a team effort.

While Affordable Mattress Outlet may not the finest looking store around
(Albritons Jewelry in Highland Village is :) )
they have the best deals!

We got a name brand king size mattress and box spring for $189.

I knooooow. Insane!

They don't deliver, we had to strap it onto my MIL's car, and drive slow as molasses across town but it's totally worth it to me.

Now I can spend more on the bedding :)

The moral of this story is that there amazing deals out there.
They just require a little bit more effort and hard work for the buyer.

Don't be scared away from Craigslist completely.

Yeah I know, I saw that Lifetime movie too.

Def take friends with you and be smart.

If you want more info on this store email me - or comment with your email address.

Anyone know where I can get a cheap king size bed frame?

like right now?

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