Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday's Must Have - Review of Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer.

I really like this stuff. I don't love it. But I like it a lot.

It sprays on super easily and travels well. No explosions or anything.

I usually put in on first thing after my bath in the morning and before I get in bed at night.

I used it at the beach over Easter and was very pleased with the results.

Just turn the nozzle out of the locked position and start spraying.

I recommend standing over a towel because the excess lotion that doesn't land on your body will end up on the floor. 

My tiled bathroom floor got really slick, really fast.

Even though the floor got slippery, my skin NEVER feels greasy after applying this lotion. 

I used way too much the first time I used it.

I recommend spraying a little and rub it in as you go.

This product is perfect for lightly moisturizing your skin.

But if you are looking for a healthy, soothing lotion, I still recommend Cetaphil.

I know for a fact that hospitals give to patients for burns. It's that good.

Back to Vaseline..

Need to apply your lotion and then immediately get dressed or hop in bed?

This is your stuff!!

I think it's perfect for everyday use but I would still keep a more heavy duty lotion around for dry feet or winter skin.

Here's what I learned:

Stand on a towel while spraying lotion.
Spray a small amount to begin with. Rub it in and then see if more is needed.

My overall opinion:
Great for everyday use. Not great for super dry skin. 
No greasy feeling! 
You really can get dressed right after you apply it.

Hope this review helped you!

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  1. I just picked this stuff up the other day and really love it when I am in a hurry -- but totally agree, you need to stand on a towel or something when applying.