Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It is what it is

Our poor little house is a hot mess right now. About a month ago, we planned on my awesome handyman from Oxford coming down this week to work on a large list of things that we needed finished. That was before our bedroom flooded and we had to move everything from that room into the rest of our house. I'm so excited to have Melvin the handyman here but our home is a disaster. I asked him not to judge me. He won't because he's super sweet! He is also very fast and does great work! Contact me for his info if you're in need of a handyman that does everything from painting to hanging gutters. But anyways! Here is an update on what we're living in.

 This was before everything was covered in drop cloths. We can't hang out in here at all. Wet walls and ceiling. But he hung our new painting and I am obsessed!

The guest bedroom aka temporary master bedroom. I think it looks a lot worse than is it. I sleep well in here. Except when Gus' snoring wakes me up. His fav spot in the whole house is under this bed. 

This is where I have been blogging. Poor Cam. Love him to death but his OCD is so bad. Especially about his space or things. His office is SUPPOSED to be his room. It has all of his Ole Miss stuff, work out equipment, and is decorated with posters from his favorite shows. Perfect Cam space. Unfortunately, it is also the junk room. Right now it contains a mattress, bed frame, two side tables, a memory foam mattress pad, art from the living room, an old computer, TV table, and a signed eli manning jersey that we need to hang. Ugh!

Master bedroom. Lame.

 But I keep saying "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. It is what it is. It's just another bump in the road. A house is never finished. There is always something to do."

And every other saying I can think of about overcoming obstacles.

 But seriously, I'm very ready to be finished with house stuff. Or at least big house stuff.

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