Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cheapo Deapo

The guest bathroom makeover is moving right along! The wallpaper and mirrors have come in and the vanity and cabinets have been painted white. Unfortunately, our wallpaper guy can't hang the wallpaper for another two weeks. It's a minor setback but it is well worth the wait. Our wallpaper guy is fabulous!

New wallpaper
Vanity & cabinets painted white

 I just need to decide on how I want to cover the not-so-cute bathtub/shower. It's the first thing that you see when you walk into the room. I'm thinking that if I hang a shower curtain rod as high as I can, it will make the room seem taller. Maybe? We will see about that soon.

I fell in love with Jamie Meares' monogrammed shower curtain a while ago and have been set on it ever since. She writes one of my fav blogs i suwanee and owns the very cool and trendy store, Furbish.

  Love. Love. Love.

I was dead set on finding a shower curtain just like Jamie's untill...

I die.

I love this shower curtain from Leontine Linens so very much! I love that the monogram in fun but traditional. But the part of best this company if the options! I REALLY love options! But, did anyone notice the price? 
Goodness gracious.
 I will never in my life pay $1200 for a shower curtain. That's almost the same price as a good sized, new Chanel bag!

So I was wandering around Target the other day looking for things that I don't need and I found a plain white, waffle weave, 72x72 shower curtain. So now, I'm thinking that all I need to find someone or somewhere that will copy monogram it for me. Any ideas? 


  1. My aunt in Alabama made Ans the cutest shower curtain when she was in her first apartment. I, too, got the white shower curtain from Target and she added some fabric at the top and along the bottom to make it even longer. I wanted to hang it high to elongate the room but would die before I let Ans have a highwater shower curtain. She also HAND monogrammed it in script right in the middle. It was so so pretty. I can't believe you don't have a monogrammer on your list of fave people. A lot of laundry places around here do monogramming. Check into it...and long let that curtain hang short!

  2. Bridgette's Monograms & Gifts on N State Street monograms everything!