Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday's Must Have

Nico and Lala

Obsessed is an understatement when describing my feelings for Nico and Lala's precious iPad cases. I seriously wish I had a few extra iPads just so I could have all of these cases!

 I can be greedy like that. 

I die for the leopard iPad case.

But truthfully, I am obsessed with just about everything that Nico and Lala offer. Even their blog is cute! It's one of those blogs, that once you have read all of the posts on the front page you keep going back until you've read their entire blog and then you feel inspired to plan a party or something!

 I think that I would really like these ladies if I ever met them. They seem like my kind of girls. I mean seriously, their motto is "Swanky. Southern. Sophisticated." 
What's not to like?

Their trays are so popular and very useful. I received a catch-all like this as a birthday present and I love it! I use it to hold my fav nail polish on my vanity. The monogram is reversible so you can get two completely different looks!

If you already have one of their lucite trays, you can buy this pack of holiday inserts to use all year long. Love it!!
Ohhhh my. While writing this post, I realized that Nico and Lala have Pinterest too. Eeeek. I know what I will be doing today on the way to New Orleans. 

Seriously, go check out Nico and Lala's site
They do everything from custom logos to wedding invitations and stationary and I am in love with ALL of it. I can't stop finding more things that I want need! Trying to stay focused on the iPad case. But look at these folded notes!

It's like they know me. 

PS Nico and Lala are having a 25 % off sale on all of their Lucite trays! 
Sale ends April 30, 2012
Enter the code: tray25

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