Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sally's Festie Playlist

A guest post from my sister/music guru, Sally. 

This playlist was inspired by the recent lineup releases of several festivals taking place this summer that I would die to see. The bands featured on this list are playing either Bonnaroo, Forecastle, Shaky Knees Fest, or Sasquatch. Music festivals are truly a one of a kind experience filled with outstanding music, great vibes, genuine flower children, hula hoop professionals, and delicious festie foods such as arepas and funnel cakes. If you haven't yet packed up your tent and your tie dye gear to get to check out a festival, I highly suggest you do so this summer!

*Make sure you scroll down to the bottom. There are 16 songs on the playlist.\

Susannah's fave: Janxta Funk - The Pimps of Joytime

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