Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flamingo Fever

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Flamingos are popping up everywhere and I am loving it.

Seems they are going to be playing a big role this spring and summer. 

They're pink, happy, and make me think of the zoo or summertime.

Not sure why they make me think of summertime. Maybe because they live in a tropical climate...I don't know.

Seriously, I am dying for the Tory Burch iPhone case.

It's such a fun, girly print. 

Kind of jumping on the flamingo band wagon. 

I even like a couple of good flamingos in a house.

And if you're just REALLY crazy about flamingos, you can turn your baby into one. 

I am loving the flamingo craze and hope to add one or two to my house soon. 

Are y'all loving flamingos too?

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