Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Dressed of the 2013 Grammy Awards

She is def not my fave but this look is simply amazing!
Stunning from head to toe. 
Love the hair.

The Queen B did it again.

Loved this look on her.
The color and shape was perfect for her. Not sure that i'm sold on the hair.

Whoever is guiding John Mayer through his current life change is doing very well.
He's starting to look like a gentlemen and not a jerk.
Always knew you had it in you John!

Loved Kaley Cuoco's dressy casual look. 
Not sure if it's what I would have worn to the Grammy's.
Still a great look that I will be def be using for outfit inspiration.

Favorite Couple Award
LOVED her dress. It was perfect for the occasion.
Chrissy Teigen's bag and hairstyle perfectly accent her outfit.
And John Legend is just adorable.

This past weekend FLEW by.

At least it's almost Valentine's Day.

But still, boooooooooooo Monday. 

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