Tuesday, June 19, 2012

House Update

We pulled it off!

The front and back yards are landscaped!

We have a brand new patio!

The chandelier came in on time!

The heavy @$$ bathroom mirrors I picked out were hung...after three hours of intense measuring!
(Found a fab new handy man for that project)

Oh and the afternoon before the party all the lights in our house started flickering/dimming.
My mom insisted that I call the electrician immediately.

Once again, THANK YOU MOM!

Our breaker box was fried and the next thing to fry would be our wiring...

Basically, our house was on the verge of burning down.

The electrician came at 6 am the morning or the party and had everything fixed and the power back on by 7:30.

If that's not good service, I don't know what is!

Here are a few pics of the house updates!

Click here and here to see the before pics.

I'll be posting about the party tomorrow!

Planters were made by the nice and talented people at Greek Oak Florist & Garden Center.

Thank you so much Green Oak for helping my mom and I!

We walked in on Friday afternoon asking for two planters to be assembled (based on different light situations) and delivered to my house before the party the next day.

They were so kind about helping us and the planters were delivered by 10 am the next morning!
Great people who do GREAT work!

Thanks again!


  1. Okay I stumbled across your blog and I have to ask where is your dining room table from? I love it!!

  2. Thank you so much! It's one of my fave pieces in our home. We bought it from Batte Furniture in Jackson, MS. I just looked at the sticker on the bottom of the table and it is made by "Theodore Alexander" and there's a # that I'm assuming is the style # 5405-194. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by!!