Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hemline Ridgeland

Hemline just opened in Ridgeland!!! Woohoo!!
I had been dying to stop by so I went and checked them out last Thursday.

I first discovered Hemline three years ago in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
The store was filled with really unique and special clothes and accessories.
I left with this funky dress.

Love. Love. Love this dress.

See what I mean about this dress being kinda funky? You can't just where a tie dyed maxi dress with tribal beading anywhere!

When I think of Hemline, I think of buying something cool and special that you can't get everywhere else.

Here are a few pics of their awesome new store in Ridgeland.

Great accessories on their huge jewelry table!
Lots of bright earrings and bold, statement necklaces.

Obsessed with the neon pants!

Here are a few more pics from their Facebook.


Tons of GREAT color, prints, and unique pieces!
Awesome location & nice staff!

I know that I will be frequenting this fabulous new store a lot!

They do a great job updating their Facebook and Instagram (hemlinems) so be sure to check those out as well.

Thanks again to Hemline Ridgeland for allowing me to photograph their gorgeous clothing and new store!

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