Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ole Miss -Tulane Weekend

Started the trip off with Strawberry Balsamic ice cream at the Bourbon House. 

Followed Lazer down Bourbon Street to Razzoo. 

Ran into this sweet girl on the way!

Did a little dancing with a Bachelorette party. In my defense, the bride-to-be was SIGNING (as in sign language) the words to Justin Beiber and Carly Rae Jepsen.
 Impressive and cute!

Headed back to hotel to freshen up and head to a surprise party.

I ate my first legit macaroon at the party. YUM!

The next morning we ordered room service and headed the Superdome bright and early!

and we WON! Hotty Toddy!!

After the game we went to Manning's for a few drinks and then back to Razzoo. After a while, we realized that we were too tired for the way this night was headed so we left.

We walked around for a while trying to decide where to eat or what to do.
I explained the significance of a vintage LV suitcase to Cam. 

And we listened to a little music...

We walked around for a while trying to decide where to eat or what to do.

Then, we had the best idea ever!

Head to Domenica!

Of course their tables were booked for the next three hours but the hostess said we could wait by the bar for a table there.


There was the perfect table for two overlooking the restaurant.

Meant to be!

We had the BEST time together.
I have the best husband. I absolutely adore him.

We just talked and ate and ate and ate.

We started with the Charcuterie with prosciutto, dried salami, and duck live pate. 

Ohhh the pate was amazing!!

Then we had gnocchi with duck, cream, and toasted almonds. It melted in your mouth.

We ended this feast with a half spicy lamb meatball and half white pizza.

We woke up on Sunday feeling refreshed and recharged after our early Saturday night.

We were so proud of our mature decision to head to dinner for two instead of staying at Razzoo's with the shot girls. 

I told Cam that our new found maturity must be because I'm 25 now.


To end this awesome weekend, my sister-in-law Mary-Baldwin sent me the MOST precious pic of our nephew Jack in tie dye.

Absolutely adorable!

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