Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ole Miss-Texas

This past weekend was electric.
Yes we lost but that is entirely besides the point!

Read this article that my sister-in-law posted on Facebook.

THIS is the point.

Here a few pics and videos
 to help describe the amazing vibes in Oxford all weekend.

That's a video of the streaker. 
Unfortunately for me, I was on the other side of the stadium and got to see his white booty. Pretty hilarious though!

This gentleman sang "God Bless America". 
Gave me chills!

I can't find a video but our gorgeous Miss America sang the National Anthem. 

PS if you can't tell from pics, we def won the party. 
(me especially)

Ran into these guys at 208 Friday night and just had to ask them what the deal was with their outfits.
Come to find out, they were from San Francisco and had NO ties to Ole Miss or Texas. NONE at all!
It was the guy with palm tree shirt's bachelor party.
Him along with his buddies had always wanted to see an SEC team play and decided this weekend would be the one!

Hey Boys!

Couldn't get enough of this Texas fan's Prada loafers.

Two hours before game time. Wish I had a pic of the student section because it was already full!

 Taken from the Boure balcony Friday night.

My nephew Jack in his smocked COLONEL REB outfit. 
You know you're a good Ole Miss fan when you are still hunting smocked Colonel Reb's for your babies!

Stole this someone's Instagram. Please don't sue me.

Hotty Toddy from the Albritons! 


IF you are interested, this is what I wore.

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