Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide - What Susannah Wants

what i want for christmas

iPad Mini -  Love "handbag size" technology.
Kate Spade Gem Coasters - Too fun to resist. Plus, the hubs is a Gemologist. Can't resist the corniness.
Kate Spade "Ta Da" Studs - Just so cute. So cute.
Tacori Wedding Band -  I've always wanted two :)
Sephora "In the Glow" Sampler -  Can't resist a Sephora Sampler. ESP if it's bronzers and blushes.
Bvlgari White Tea Bath and Body Collection - Favorite scent of all time.
Tacori 18K925 Ring -  Always need a right hand ring :)
Burberry Tweed Check Scarf - This has been on my wishlist for forever.
Moonrise Kingdom - Best movie I saw this year.
Juicy Couture Sleep Shirt -  Need/Want SO badly.
Jon Hart Makeup Case - Need a new and nice makeup case. Love everything Jon Hart.
Goyard St Louis PM Tote - Just dreaming...
Jane Wilner Monogrammed Bedding - Saw this bedding at market last January. Haven't stopped wanting it since.
Gold Initial Bar Necklace - Great for layering. Great for me!
Tory Burch Robinson Tote - Please. Please. Please.

Gotta dream big.

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