Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It started with this...

And now MTV has created a show about it.

Meeting someone online, falling in love, and never seeing them in person.

Then finding out that they are not who they said they were.

Nev comes to a different person's town in each episode to get to the bottom of their internet "relationships".

He usually discovers that the person who they think they are talking to is really sending them pictures of another person. Nev knows this  because he can usually find the REAL person's Facebook page in a HOT minute. 

While that is REALLY bad, it gets worse.

Nev then persuades the mystery internet lover to meet with the person being featured on that episode.

Most of the time you can tell that they are hiding something just by the initial phone call or their voice doesn't match their photos at all...

But they agree.

So Nev will arrange a meeting.

That's when the real horror starts.

I've seen 4 episodes now and it doesn't end well for any of the people involved.

In one episode, a girl has been talking to this guy she thinks she knows SO well for TEN YEARS!

In another a YOUNG, single mother is in love with a guy she's been talking to online. I won't give away too much info but she has not been talking to a guy.

This show is insane, shocking, gut wrenching, and just sad at some times.

But you have to watch it!! Wednesdays on MTV. But they are playing the reruns all the time.

Don't even talk to me about Trina the sweet stripper's episode. It killed me. 

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