Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Island

If you are one of my Jackson or Ole Miss readers, we went to Amelia Island.

If you are one of my South Georgia readers, we went to Fernandina.

Same place. Different name.

We left Atlanta on Sunday and headed to the beach!

We made a stop at Piedmont Park to run the dogs.

Our little Rosebud had too much fun.
Common theme on our trips.

Home sweet home at the Beach House.

Took the pups on a beach walk. Gus loves to swim. Rosie ran from the water.

At dinner at Sandy Bottom's the 2nd night.
Great view.

Got to eat my fave sandwich on the island, Wild Turkey.
Turkey, Cream Cheese and Jalepenos with melted Cheddar Cheese :)

The chef keeps leaving restaurants and going to new ones. Since he takes his recipes with him, I just follow him wherever he goes.

Our anniversary!

We spent our 2nd anniversary laying on the beach, reading, taking beach walks, and spending time at The Surf. 
We ended the day by taking the pups to the far North and South ends of the island where there are basically no people.
It was simple and perfect.
We planned on getting pizza to-go from one of our fave places but it was closed so had Firehouse subs.
So romantic.

Cam flew back on Wednesday.
My mom and cousin came down on Thursday night to have a little middle school makeover for her! So fun!

Friday, we hung out on the beach and had a late lunch at Timoti's.
Amazing grilled shrimp tacos!

Playground at Timoti's
This will be in my backyard one day.

Couldn't end a trip to Fernandina without a little Fantastic Fudge!
Check out that line...
They made the fudge that we gave in the gift boxes for our wedding guests. love!

Great pic of my parents and I at the marina.

I didn't get back to Jackson until Monday evening.

Great, great, great trip!

ready to go back to Fernandina already...

can't tell you how many times Cam asked if I would be able to give up everything in Jackson to move down there and be waiters and rent a one bedroom place and just live simply...

I told him I'm down whenever!


  1. I'm not a dog person, but your dogs are adorable! Happy belated anniversary! Maybe next time you're in Atlanta we can do lunch.

    1. Thanks! I am absolutely obsessed with our pups so I'm glad someone else is enjoying the pics too! I would LOVE to meet up in Atlanta sometime! Did you know Paige just moved from Athens to Buckhead?