Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Headed to Georgia

I have been seriously neglecting my blog these last few weeks. I keep thinking of great things to blog about but haven't sat down to write them. 

Sorry y'all!

I did have a distraction though.

Cameron caught poison ivy and it was the worst I've ever seen. I'll spare you the details but he was out of work for 5 days. It was mostly on his waist band so he either had to be without pants or sag them really low. 

Pretty funny. 

Here's what I have been up to...

Super exciting 4th of July!

Truthfully, it was lazy and perfect. 

Made this salad.
It was awesome! I ate it 4 days in a row for lunch. 

Had friends over for a cookout. It was a success except that I stabbed my palm with a knife. 
Thankfully, one of my guests/great friends is a nurse. She fixed me. Thank you Fran!!

After having a few drinks at our cookout, I decided to do this. 
It was really funny to see how mad Cameron got about it. 

This pic is from a personality survey I had to take for both Gus and Rosie. Weird!

 I can't even look at the words "dominant" and "submissive" anymore. Thank you 50 Shades of Grey. 
Gus is obviously submissive so now I'm concerned about what other dogs do to him while I'm not there! 

Oh man...those books screwed me up. haha


We are headed to Atlanta this week for market and to spend a few days with my family.

Cameron will be attending his first Braves game!
and I get to see Chipper Jones :) (Childhood crush)

My little sister Sally will be coming from Athens to join us.

After that, it's a few days in Fernandina/Amelia Island for our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

I can't believe we have been married for two years. I feel old but so happy :) 

Sorry I've been MIA. I'll be sure to post pics of market, Atlanta, and the beach soon.

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