Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big City

On the road again...

Looking hard at the Hard Rock.
Yes. We went to the Hard Rock in Atlanta.
In our defense, it was next door and we were starving. 

So yeah...this trip to Atlanta was focused on going to Market.

We never made it.

We have way too much fun with my parents to be trapped in a building all day.

Or maybe it was because we stayed out until 2 the first night in Atlanta.

If you are ever in the Virginia Highlands, check out the Highland Tap. It's a place my parents used to go to when they were younger. Great Blood Mary's and burgers. It also has the largest selection of music on a jukebox that I have ever seen. 73 String Cheese Songs.

So after acting like college freshman with my parents the first night, we needed some serious grease to get all of us feeling alive again.

We went to Vortex in Little Five Points. Obsessed. 


Tater Tot Nachos?

Can I get an Amen?

This place was odd but awesome. The waiters are funky and really personable. 
The food is absolutely amazing!
It def did the trick for us!
BTW Must be 18 to enter the restaurant.

THEIR jukebox was like a giant iPhone built into the wall.
My dad thought it was an ATM.
Love you Dad! :)

Later that evening, we went to the Braves game.
It was Cam's first time so it was really fun!

My sister Sally and her super cute friend Betsy joined us.

11 rows up. GREAT view!
He's still got it...

Chipper was the game MVP and hit a home-run. 
Most likely the last time I will ever see him play. Thanks Chipper!
To the little girl with the "Chipper, I named my cat after you" sign.
That was SO fifteen years ago!

That's all for today but I will be posting the rest of my Atlanta pics and Amelia Island/Fernandina pics later this week.


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